• Qur'an

    In Qur'an section, we will upload translations of Qu'an in different languages. The best Urdu translation of Qur'an is "Kanzul Iman", Alhamdulillah it has been translated in many languages of the world. In this section you can also read online the great Tafaseer (Commentary) of Qu'ran, including TAFSEER-E-NAEEMI and others.

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  • Hadith

    In Hadith section, you will be able to read online the different collections of Hadith, translation and commentary on Hadith (Sharha). We will try to upload upload Hadith with Urdu translations and Urdu Sharha of Hadiths, in scanned and unicode format, In Sha Allah.

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  • Fiqh

    Fiqh section contains big collection of Fatawa written by Sunni Ulema (Scholars of Islam). Alhamdulillah most of the fatawa collections are brought online for the first time. You can find solution of any issue as per the guidance of Qur'an and Sunnah. It includes, Fatawa Ridawiyyah, Fatawa Amjadiyyah, Fatawa Mustafviyyah and a lot more.

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  • Dedication

    This website is particularly dedicated to the Revivalist of Islam in the 14th century, i.e. Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Bareilvi Alaihir Rahmah. We want to bring online the uttermost research work being carried out over his personality and works around the globe. For further details visit "Works on Alahazrat" Section

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  • Books of Alahazrat

    Books written by Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Bareilvi contain extensive research on various branches of Islamic arts & sciences. This website gives you an opportunity to explore this hidden treasure. You can dip into this sea of knowledge by visiting this section

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  • Fatawa Ridawiyyah

    Fatawa Ridawiyyah is one of the greatest writtings of Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Bareilvi. The new translated version of this historical Fatawa consists of 30 volumes and more than 21000 pages. Reading this fatawa with care and memorizing the principles mentioned therein, can take the reader to a big height in Islamic Jurisprudence.

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  • Sunni Library

    - Sunni Library is a collection of core Islamic Literature. You can read online the great work and contribution of Sunni Islamic scholars worldwide in general and by the Scholars of Sub Continent in particular.

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Download pdf verions of different English book spcially those of Alahazrat books translated to English language.

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 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2019/2/1 Submitted by: admin
Prospects for Recovery English translation of Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza's book Tadbeere Falah o Najat o Islah تدبیر فلاح و نجات و اصلاح

The Muslim community around the world is in a deplorable state of affairs and has been for the better part of two centuries. Muslims, despite being larger than ever in numbers, are in an unprecedented position of weakness. Scholars and laymen – Muslims and non-Muslim alike – are all in agreement that Muslims went from being one of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen to this current state of helplessness and frailty. What happened? What went wrong? How did we go from being the awe-inspiring, intellectual leaders of the world to the current down-trodden, splintered nation that we have now become; having little to no influence around the world. We have been in a state of free fall for decades and the downward spiral continues. What misstep did we take? Which signpost did we misread? How can fortune favour us once again? These questions have been posed for a long time and the answers have been debated for just as long. Many deviant groups claim to have the solution and all of them profess to have our best interests at heart and the best of solutions. But for some reason, we are still stuck. So where do we go from here? Do we just accept the status quo as fait accompli and abandon any hope of change? This book, Tadbir e Falah o Najat, by the Mujaddid of the last century, the great Hanafi jurist Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, was written in response to a question posed to him by one of his senior disciples. He attempts to answer these pressing questions with a hope-inspiring, uplifting, fresh zeal. He stimulates the reader into a deep introspection, drawing the attention to the root causes, rather than the symptoms, and offers practical solutions for change. His reply strikes a balance between elaboration and brevity and sets forth a plausible roadmap for recovery. -------- This translation is accompanied by copious footnotes and appendices, which not only clarify and explain the text but also provide necessary historical context for a more rounded appreciation of the author's point of view. This book is a must read for every Muslim, young and old alike. Also appended is a short essay by Mawlana Abu Hasan, which deserves to be released as a separate epistle, provides guidelines to the youth and answers pertinent questions which they often grapple with but to which they are often left in the dark. May Allah ta'ala reward Mawlana Abu Hasan abundantly for producing another magnificent, thoroughly well-researched work and accept it in his favour and allow the Muslims to benefit from it and act upon it for centuries to come.

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2015/4/26 Submitted by: admin
The Killer Mistake

A noble research work by Abu Hasan, containing:

Overview of Iman, Kufr and Takfir

Apostasy and Takfir

Blasphemy and Islamic Law

Fallacies in the Framework

Keller’s List: Six Disputed Issues

The Apologist

Vindicating Alahazrat

Husam al-Haramayn and Muhannad

Obiter Dicta

Brief Biography of Imām Aĥmed Riđā Khan

Dramatis Personæ

Offensive Passages in Deobandi Books

Some More Exhibits

Extract from Shifā: Things Deemed Disbelief

Extract from Ash’bāh: On Apostasy

Extract from Shifā: Seven Categories

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2015/4/26 Submitted by: admin
Kanzul Iman English Translation






 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2013/8/22 Submitted by: admin
Al Amnu Wal Ula Li Naiti al Mustafa Bi Dafi Al Bala

الامن و العلیِ لناعتی  المصطفی بدافع البلاء

Al-Amnu Wa al-‘UlāLi Nā`iti al-MustafāBi Dāfi`i al-Balā

Safety And Greatness For Those Who Describe The Chosen One As The Eliminator Of Difficulty

al-Shaykh Imām Ahmad Ridā Khānal-Barelwī

Translator : Muhammad Husain Qadri

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2013/2/18 Submitted by: admin
TAHFEEZ UL’IMAAN (The Protection Of Faith)

TAHFEEZ UL’IMAAN (The Protection Of Faith)


A Brief Compilation Of Verses From The Holy Qur’an And Evidences From Sunnah Regarding Love & Hate For Allah’s Sake – And Abstaining From All Types Of Disbelievers & Deviant Groups.
Aqib al-Qadri

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2013/2/18 Submitted by: admin
THE BOOK OF PRAYER (Kitaab-ul-Salaat)


Allamah Sayyed Shah Turab ulHaque Qadri
(may Allah increase his beneficence)
English Translation by Mohammed Aqib Farid Qadri
What is Prayer?
The Importance of Prayer
The Sin Of Letting The Prayer Lapse The Blessings Of Prayer The Excellence Of Offering Prayer In Congregation The Importance Of Reverence And Humility Prayer Makes One Pious Being Certain That The Prayer Has Been Accepted The Prayers Of The Pious

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2013/2/18 Submitted by: admin


By: Aqib Al-Qadri


Radiant Proofs From Holy Quran And Hadeeth For Conveying Reward Of Good Deeds To The Deceased Muslims

Allah – in the name of – the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
At the outset please know, that in Islam, death is not perceived as an end of life. It is just the end of the worldly existence as we witness it, and the beginning of a new existence, in which the soul experiences a new world called “Barzakh.” The soul may experience this new life with or without its original body, according to its own rank allotted to it by Allah the Almighty, the Supreme. There are too many proofs from the Holy Qur’an and Hadeeth (Holy Prophet's Traditions) regarding the above, and warrant an extensive article on the same. But that is not the question here.
The question that some people ask is that if a person is dead, can we increase its status or decrease its torment by conveying rewards of OUR deeds?

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2013/2/17 Submitted by: admin


By: Aqib Al-Qadri

What do the scholars of Islam say regarding this issue: Is there any evidence in Hadeeth to prove that the Holy Prophet is the Intercessor (on the day of judgement)? Please give a detailed explanation – may you be rewarded.1

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2013/2/17 Submitted by: admin
The Deaf & the Blind

The Deaf & the Blind

By Aqib al-Qadri

Is it correct to believe that those buried in the graves can actually hear those who are visiting them or calling them from afar? Are they really deaf or do the verses of the Holy Qur’an refer to something else? A fair and descriptive article with proofs from verses of the Holy Qur’an and authentic traditions of the Holy Prophet, on this oft-debated issue.

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2013/1/29 Submitted by: admin
Husn al-Maqasid fi Amal al-Mawlid (Sulime Aspiration)

English translation of IMAM JALALUDDIN AL-SUYUTI's book:

حسن المقاصد في عمل المولد از: علامه جلال الدين السيوطي رحمه الله تعالي

Mawlid is a gathering of people in which the Qur’ān is recited,
events surrounding the birth3 [and proclamation] of the Prophet  and
[miraculous] signs that appeared during his blessed birth are narrated. A
banquet is held and the assembly disperses thereafter, without doing
anything further. This is a praiseworthy innovation and the person doing it
will be rewarded, because of venerating the Prophet  and expression of
happiness and gratulation upon the blessed birth of the Messenger .

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2013/1/6 Submitted by: admin
Who is Alahazrat

Book Name : Who is Alahazrat ? 
An introduction to the life and work of Imam Ahmed Rida Khan al-Baraylawi

Copyright © Ridawi Press 
Şafar 1434 | January 2013

 Popular Download now ! Submitted Date 2011/10/12 Submitted by: admin
The Preamble to Faith (translation of: Tamhid e Iman)

The Preamble to Faith

A descriptive translation of the Urdu work: Tamhid e Iman


 The majority of Muslims in India belonged to traditional Sunni faith until dissenting groups began to appear in the early 19th century [the 12th century after Hijrah]. Ironically, the grandsire of most splinter groups thereafter, Ismāýīl Dihlawī,1 was the grandson of a prominent Sunni scholar of his age Shāh Aĥmed Dihlawī, famously known as Shāh Waliyullāh.

Shāh Ismāýīl’s books like Taqwiyatu’l Īmān, Şirāt e Mustaqīm and pamphlets like Ek Rozi introduced ideas imported from ancient and modern heresies unknown to common folk and thus ignited the fire of sectarianism in the subcontinent. Scholars, including his own cousins, Shāh Makhşūsullāh Dihlawī and Shāh Mūsā Dihlawī refuted him. Indeed, many of those who
staunchly opposed him, like Fađl al-Ĥaqq Khayrābādi, were students of his illustrious uncle Shāh Ábd al-Ázīz al-Dihlawī.

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