• Qur'an

    In Qur'an section, we will upload translations of Qu'an in different languages. The best Urdu translation of Qur'an is "Kanzul Iman", Alhamdulillah it has been translated in many languages of the world. In this section you can also read online the great Tafaseer (Commentary) of Qu'ran, including TAFSEER-E-NAEEMI and others.

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  • Hadith

    In Hadith section, you will be able to read online the different collections of Hadith, translation and commentary on Hadith (Sharha). We will try to upload upload Hadith with Urdu translations and Urdu Sharha of Hadiths, in scanned and unicode format, In Sha Allah.

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  • Fiqh

    Fiqh section contains big collection of Fatawa written by Sunni Ulema (Scholars of Islam). Alhamdulillah most of the fatawa collections are brought online for the first time. You can find solution of any issue as per the guidance of Qur'an and Sunnah. It includes, Fatawa Ridawiyyah, Fatawa Amjadiyyah, Fatawa Mustafviyyah and a lot more.

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  • Dedication

    This website is particularly dedicated to the Revivalist of Islam in the 14th century, i.e. Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Bareilvi Alaihir Rahmah. We want to bring online the uttermost research work being carried out over his personality and works around the globe. For further details visit "Works on Alahazrat" Section

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  • Books of Alahazrat

    Books written by Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Bareilvi contain extensive research on various branches of Islamic arts & sciences. This website gives you an opportunity to explore this hidden treasure. You can dip into this sea of knowledge by visiting this section

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  • Fatawa Ridawiyyah

    Fatawa Ridawiyyah is one of the greatest writtings of Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Bareilvi. The new translated version of this historical Fatawa consists of 30 volumes and more than 21000 pages. Reading this fatawa with care and memorizing the principles mentioned therein, can take the reader to a big height in Islamic Jurisprudence.

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  • Sunni Library

    - Sunni Library is a collection of core Islamic Literature. You can read online the great work and contribution of Sunni Islamic scholars worldwide in general and by the Scholars of Sub Continent in particular.

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Books of alahazrat
Books of alahazrat Nafi ul Fai Amman Istanar Binoor ihi Kulli Shae
  admin (2011/12/16 7:30:00)
Books of alahazrat Salatul Safa fi Noor il Mustafa
  admin (2011/12/16 7:20:00)
Books of alahazrat Munabbihul Munniyyah Biwasool il Habib Elal Arshi War Roya
  admin (2011/12/16 7:10:00)
Books of alahazrat Muniyyatul Labib Annat Tashree Biyadil Habib
  admin (2011/12/16 6:50:00)
Books of alahazrat Al Amn o wal Ula li Naatil Mustafa bi Dafi al Bala
  admin (2011/12/10 9:10:00)
Books of alahazrat Tahmeed-e-Iman Bi Ayat il Quran
  admin (2011/12/10 9:00:00)
Books of alahazrat Shumulul Islam li Usool ir Rasool il Kiram
  admin (2011/12/10 8:40:00)
Books of alahazrat Umoor e Ishreen Dar Imtiyazi Aqaide Sunniyyen
  admin (2011/12/10 8:30:00)
Books of alahazrat Sharh ul Matalib fi Mabas e Abi Talib
  admin (2011/12/10 8:30:00)
Books of alahazrat Tajaliyyul Yaqeen Bianna Nabiyyina Sayyidul Mursaleen
  admin (2011/12/10 8:30:00)
Books of alahazrat Ismaa ul Arbaen fi Shafati Sayyid ul Mahboobeen
  admin (2011/12/10 8:20:00)
Books of alahazrat Inba ul Mustafa BiHali Sirr o Ikhfa
  admin (2011/12/6 3:50:00)
Books of alahazrat Izakhat ul Aib bi Saif il Ghaib
  admin (2011/12/6 3:50:00)
Books of alahazrat Anwarul Intibah fi Halli Nida e Ya Rasool Allah
  admin (2011/12/6 3:50:00)
Books of alahazrat Khalis ul Aitiqad
  admin (2011/12/6 3:40:00)
Books of alahazrat Khalis ul Aitiqad
  admin (2011/12/6 3:40:00)
Books of alahazrat Rimah ul Qahhar Alal Kufr il Kuffar
  admin (2011/12/6 3:30:00)
Books of alahazrat Aitiqad ul Ahbaab fil Jamil wal Mustafa Wal Aal Wal Ashaab
  admin (2011/12/3 0:40:00)
Books of alahazrat At Tahbeer Bib at Tadbeer
  admin (2011/12/2 23:10:00)
Books of alahazrat Thalj us Sadr bi Iman il Qadr
  admin (2011/12/1 23:30:00)
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